LimoPlay Casino’s selections of games are all amazing without doubt, but we want you to know that we made some of our best games provably fair. We want to ensure a trustworthy relationship with our players so our use of Provably Fair is our assurance to you that here at LimoPlay your experience should be top notch.

What is Provable Fairness?

Provably Fair is a system that ensures the decency and fairness of the game, hence the name. The system makes it impossible for both casino and player to take advantage of the outcome of every game. Provably Fair ensures every result is random and untampered with which increases the confidence of our players. As a casino with integrity, LimoPlay Casino provides you with a way to check that the result of every game is fair.

How Does it Work?

We want you to completely understand the concept of Provably Fair so we’re going to explain it with simplicity.

  1. Cryptographic functions turn the data into a string, which is commonly known as a hash. This hash will be encrypted from the server seed which you will receive before you start playing, and since we give it to you in advance, then we cannot change or tamper with it.
  2. Now it’s your turn to provide a random seed either manually, or by letting your server automatically make one for you.
  3. To make things even fairer, we let you participate with the outcome of the game by combining your random seed with our hash function.
  4. Now the game starts because it’s time for you to have some fun!
  5. Once you’re done playing, we now show you the hash we used, the seed you gave us and the complete calculations of the final result. If you want fast verification then we gladly encourage you to use any hash calculator for you to see with your own eyes the effectiveness of Provably Fair.

LimoPlay Casino is all about providing you with class, excellence, and luxury but we also believe in the fairness that every casino should have towards its customers. Now that you understand the concept of Provably Fair, hop in because it’s time to ride in style, so play now!

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